Vegetable baby food for a non-picky eater

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FlavorBaby Wins Gold at the Education Digital Marketing Awards

ATLANTA, GA—Winners have been announced in the 6th Annual Education Digital Marketing Awards (EDMA), sponsored by Higher Education Marketing Report. This year, over 1,000 entries were received from educational companies and institutions, both nationally and internationally. The Education Digital Marketing Awards recognizes the best educational websites, digital content, electronic communications, mobile media and social media. […]

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Want your baby to be an adventurous eater? Start when you’re pregnant.

When you’re pregnant, there’s more to nutrition than just nutrients — even before birth, your baby is learning to love and prefer the flavors of the things you eat. Research has proven that fetuses experience the flavors of mom’s diet. And, in fact, these flavor experiences can shape the preferences of babies during weaning and […]

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3 tips on choosing the best flavors of store-bought baby food.

Exposure to a variety of vegetable flavors at an early age has been confirmed as an effective method for training young palates to prefer the flavors of a healthy diet later in life. While all children are born with a predisposition for sweets and an aversion to bitter tasting vegetables, these ingrained preferences can be […]

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